Health Benefits of Black Pepper


benifits-of-black-peperHealth Benefits of Black Pepper

Black pepper having some unbelievable benefits.

Health Benefits of Bananas


benifits-of-bananaHealth Benefits of Bananas

This yellow fruit is filled with utritional punch. Its cver with yellow packaging. Some scientist said that banana is the world first food. Today banana is most popular fruit in the world and today more then hundred countries grow the banana. America is the biggest exporter of banana and some other fruit.  Banana save you from different disease like blood pressure, cancer and asthma.  There are many health benefits of banana but i mention some major benefits. you must study.

(1) banana help you to reduce depression which is increase  high levels of tryptophan, When you have some work eat two bananas after work it can recover you energy. Must eat two bananas daily. Its strong your mescals.

(2) A research prove that banana can reduce the chances of developing asthma, Its decrease 50% chances of asthma and make you healthy.

(3) Banana also save you from cancer and if you drink banana juice and orange juice its reduce the risk of cancer, specially for children. Its best source to gain vitamin C.

(4) If you are patient of heart attack its reduce 45% risk of heart attack. So its a must food for hearth patients.

(5) Its can help you to sharp and increase your memory and make you active and fit, Its also make your mood fresh and happy. Release your depression.

(6) Its help you for Aids Digestion and save you from AIV/Aids, Its works as prebiotic and and reduce the growth of friendly bacteria. It can restore your electrolytes after diarrhea.

(7) Its also help you to prevent from kidney cancer. And help you to increasing calcium and make you bones strong. It make you smarter and make you active.its also high in antioxidants.

(8) It can also Control blood sugar of your body. It can also lower the body temperature and make you cool. You can also use banana in your daily food.


Foods That Help Lower Stress


stressFoods That Help Lower Stress

Now a days the trust is the major problem of every person and mostly people are facing this problem. But people thought that they can do nothing about stress, But they are wrong people are you can handle stress with some simple tips at home.




Vegetables are also a good source Nutrition in vegetables assists in regulating the blood pressure within our bodies which obviously increase when we are sense stress most useful vegetables is potatoes, carrot, spinach, and sweet potatoeswhich is recommended for any stress relieving food, and to elevate the mood. They are packed with nutrition.

Dairy Products

In stressful situation which satisfy your system’s needs is cottage cheese play an effective roll by providing protein and calcium to your body.

Include yogurt in your diet because it provides the essential minerals and calcium to stimulate proper nerve impulses and stop the acidity of stomach. When your stomach is upset Yogurt is especially. beneficial.

Drink a top of hot milk. Milk is a great source of magnesium and calcium It also helps to build your bones and protect nerve health. That helps soothe muscle tension. It also helps to build your bones and protect nerve health.


Meat also release stress like fish and red meat which are high in protein to help us combat the effects of stress upon our bodies. Vitamin B helps to fight against stress Omega fatty acids Fish contains high levels of acids which are known to benefit the heart and protect it from stress-induced diseases.

To unstressed yourself eat salad with f herbs and a light dressing which contains low acids.  For reducing stress Salads are one of the best foods. This will be very refreshing, and easy to digest and it makes you cool and relax.

Foods to Avoid

Like coco, fast food, coffee, junk food, and sweet fizzy beverages including the soft drinks. There are some foodstuffs that make stress worse so avoid them in your diet in stress.

Enjoy your stress free life.

6 Health Benefits of Cherries


benifits-of-chrrySix Health Benefits of Cherries

Eating cherries is a great benefits of health. Cherry is delicious and beautiful fruits, Its look is also beautiful. Its look like small apple.In 16th July there is national cheery day in United Kingdom. Must eat cherry in cheery season.  You must enjoy its has a good and delicious taste. There are many unbelievable benefits of cherry, its also reduce belly fat.

(1) Its protect you from Diabetes, A cherry having lower glycemic index of 22.And 40 lower then blueberries. Cherry is best food for Diabetes, Diabetes people must use cheery in season. You can also make cherry shake.

(2) If you have no proper sleep and facing sleep problems, So eat cherry for better sleep. Cherry juice before 20 or 30 minutes of sleep and i m sure that you have a goo sleep. You take it after evening meal. Its a good source of melatonin.

(3) If you having belly fat then its a best fruit for reduced belly fat.Research proved that cherry is good for it, Cherry powder having high fat diet. You did’t get any diet wait.

(4) Cherry fruit is good for your skin and give beautiful look. It has highest antioxidant level there is no ant food having such amount. Drinking one glass of cherry is good for your skin. Its a best treatment of your damage skin.

(5) Its also good for your heart, It is very high in potassium Which help to  regulate your heart rate and blood pressure. Its also reduce your cholesterol levels. Hearth patients must use cherry juice if they want healthy and fit.

(6) Its a good fruit to reduce your weight. In 2009 a research prove that cherry is good for weight reduce. You can use cherry powder mixed with high diet fat and use it for 90 days. You saw the unbelievable results.

Unbelievable Health Benefits of Honey


benifits-of honeyUnbelievable Health Benefits of Honey

The sweet honey have many unbelievable benefits. Honey have great taste and its benefits also have a great taste. Its gives you strength and strong body. Its reduce your muscle fatigue. Its a natural sugar and forget about any side effects. The honey give the quick result to your body and boost your energy. There are many health benefit of honey.Its one of the oldest sweeteners on this earth. We are giving here some heath benefits here.Its also good for your kids. You can give some honey drink in morning.

(1) Honey gives the powerful to your immune system. Its improve the digestive system of your body if you eat honey daily. And you will be stay healthy and fit. Try to eat honey in your breakfast. You can eat with bread and bun. Add one teaspoon honey in a glass of water, and drink. You can also add honey in your tea.

(2) Honey can help you to fight your cancer. If you fight with cancer then you must have a Honey. Its possess carcinogen-preventing. There are many research prove that honey is best for cancer.

(3) Honey is best for your brain heath, And boost your brain health and make you sharper, so student must use honey in their food, student need more brain power for studies. Their brain is use almost every time.

(4) Honey is best for pregnant moms, Heartburn during pregnancy is a big problem. So its must use honey for pregnant moms. Honey is quite safe in pregnancy. Its good for your new born baby, First of all give newly born baby honey is best for him.

(5) Honey is also a best thing for you skin, its best for your skin, and its a natural way to increase beauty of your skin, and with no side effect. Also gives moisturizing and nourishing to your skin.

(6) There are many people think that we can not cook with honey they think wrong you can cook with honey and use honey in your food.

(7) There are many types of honey Clover, Manuka, Orange Blossom, Wildflower, Buckwheat, Blueberry and Alfalfa these are mostly use.Raw honey contains vitamin which are best your health.



How to Make Restaurant Pizza at Home


how-to-make-pizza-at-homeMake Restaurant Pizza at Home

If you like pizza and eat pizza almost every day then you must know how to make pizza at home, Mostly people thing that making pizza is very difficult, pizza can only be prepared at restaurant. It can be a simple or difficult to make and learn. You must follow some rules to making pizza. We received some request to making pizza, Many people  mail us that published the process to making pizza at home so we decide to show you how to make pizza. Its not so easier you make pizza one or two time then you will make it perfect. First time may be its not perfect, If you are a cook then you make it easily. Its take less then one hour to make. For making of pizza you must have a oven to make it.


Extra-virgin olive (1 tea spoon)

Dry yeast 3/4 (Tea spoon)

Sea salt (1 tea spoon)

Flour (One cup or some more)

Step One: First of all you mixed flour and salt in a bowl.

Step two: Then take a small mixing box and mix olive oil and flour and mix it.

Step Three: Then cut the flour into to equal pieces and make level into a plane surface.Then left it 30 to 40 min in a refrigerator and sharp it for pizza.

 Step Four: For making pizza place each of items on the flour plan surface and place it on a oven and wait 15 minutes.

Note: When you want to make round shape of your pizza then its need some time to make circle of it. Its not so easy, you need to do some practice.

Homemade Facial Masks


Homemade-Facial-MasksHomemade Facial Masks

Winter weather is not a good weather for your skin. Snow and the cool wind can lash to sensitive skin. So you must take care of your skin, The oily skin need some extra attention in winter season. In this weather you don’t care of your skin its become ugly day by day. You can take care of your skin every day. Skin is the most important part of your body and its outer part so must take care of it.


Avocado and Honey Mask

Its the great mask of dry and peeling skin, Its gives your skin a replenishing moisture, specially coconut oil. And honey repair the raw areas of your skin. The process of making this is simple as you think just take half avocado, two tablespoon honey and some coconut oil , mix these and make a mask. Mix it until its become a smooth and creamy. And the apply this mixer to your face and then after 15 minutes wash your face with any soap. You find your skin is now clean.

Milk Facial Masks

The milk mask is also good and give your skin look good and nice look. Take a water in a jar and out dry powder milk in it the make a thick mixture, Paste it on your all face and look the different after washing face.

Yogurt Facial Masks

Yogurt is a must part of your food, and its almost available in every house. If you want to clean and plan your skin take some thin Yogurt and mask on your face. You can also add some juice and some orange slice in it. Leave the mixer on your face at lease five minutes. The you can wash it.

Egg Facial Masks

Egg is also a natural source to clean your skin, Its best for your heavy and dry sin and if your skin need some moisturizing, first of all separate the beat the yolk. White part of egg is for oily skin, you can also add a lemon and honey in it.

7 Health Benefits of Eating Apples


Apples-health-benifits7 Health Benefits of Eating Apples

You here the main phase of An apple a day keeps the doctor away!. Apple is filled with the vitamins and nutrients and its rich food with that. Its one of the most consumed fruits in the world, In other word you can say “miracle food”. An apple prevent you from stomach disorders. And other diseases are liver disorders, anemia, diabetes and heart disease. You can treat with dysentery with apple. Apple is also a good fruit for your skin care. Its one of the most delicious food in the planet.

(1) A normal size apple contain of four grams of fiber. Eat one apple daily and you can stay away from doctor, Best time to eat apple eat in morning. Many research approve that apple is most healthy foods on earth. You can also improve your daily diet with apple.

(2)  In all over the world there are 7,500 different apples varieties. There taste and color are also different. The color including including red, yellow, and green. The skin of this fruit is much thinner and you can eat it with its skin, but its better to remove skin. Apple is also used in many dishes like fruit salads and custards. You can also make apple shake with Milk.

(3) Apple is full of  vitamins, minerals and nutrients. And also include in nutritional elements  vitamin C, vitamin K and vitamin B6 which is good for health and make you perfect. Its also filled with dietary fiber.

(4) Apple is a only fruit which is rich in fiber. A regular apple is prevent from various stomach disorders and you look good. Fiber is must more important for your health and diet. Its makes your muscles strong.

(5) Its best fruit for prevention of cancer. Its save you from various type of cancer. specially from breast and colon cancer. You can also eat apple for lung cancer. If you have cancer then eat apple regularly its save you from it.

(6) An apple is good for Blood sugar control and save people who suffer from diabetes. Its reduce the chance of uptake of carbohydrates. Its reduces the fluctuation of blood sugar levels and make its better and healthy.

(7) An apple can Decrease Diabetes Risk and make you perfect. Apple is also best for you the teeth and gums both. And reduce the cavities from teeth.

Six Ways to Save Money – Tips For Saving Money



Six Ways to Save Money

Every one want to save money from his budget. Its not so easy task to save money. Some people easily save money but some peoples are not save money. When you go to shopping and buy some extra items and unneeded items that down your budget if you really want to save your money spend your money on basic needs. Not buy extra things that are rare used. There are some tip how can you save money just follow these steps.

Make budget:

With out making budget you cannot save money, always spend money according to your budget, and set fix amount of money for every expense that how much you can spend on this and never spend extra money. don’t waste money on extra expense first of all take basic amount of money and set your goals. When you make your monthly you have a idea that how much you can save this month. so budget is must for saving money.

Record Expenses: 

A good budget is must for record expenses, and see what expensive a necessary and how much we spend on it. And note that how much you spend on every month is this expense in increasing or decreasing. If your budget is over then adjust your unneeded expenses and leave some habits for example if you drink coke or eating fast food go outside for dinner so avoid these things.

Unnecessary Expenses:

If you can leave luxuries from your budget, If you have some trouble from saving money then first of all note that which expense are UN-wanted and Redundant things.Skips your  luxury expenses is a great way to save money and adjust your budget. By following these you improve financial situation. Reduced your internet packages and unwanted TV channels.Sell your extra things in house.

Week Meal Budget:

Take some time to make your budget, Plan your weekly budget and make some weekly plan where to spend money. Weekly plan is good for saving, because meal menu is change day by day and don’t leave this on weekly.

Rent Free Space:

If you have some free space, room or any garage which is free and unused you can give it to any one. You can earn some extra money monthly and add some it in your savings. Its an Idea ti increase your income.

Decorate your House With Gifts:

If you want to decorate your house use unused items and gift to decorate your house. Don’t waste your money on these things. Your gift is best for decorate your house.

Tips To Increase Height Naturally


Tips-To-Increase-Height-NaturallyTips To Increase Height Naturally





Height is an important factor of personality. It is wish of every person to tall and heighten. People with short stature often wish to be taller. But to be taller or shorter is beyond your capabilities.

Factors that determine height:

There are several factors contributing to height like genetic factors, malnutrition, and poor health during childhood etc.

However, there are some natural ways that may help you:

Do hanging exercises:

Hanging from a bar or something else can not only increase your back length but overall length also. It is an amazing way but doing too much hanging exercises can be damaging.

Have a proper sleep:

Proper sleep is necessary to have a good height, especially in the growing age like teenagers and children should have a sleep of eight to eleven hours in calm and peaceful environment. It is necessary for this purpose as during sleep new body tissues are build.


Swimming is best exercise as it includes stretching of body muscles. It is helpful in strengthening muscles and also to increase height. But this is a slow process. To have a good result do it 3 to 4 times a day.

Have balanced diet:

Balanced diet is essential for proper nutrition. When body receives proper nutrients, there is proper growth. For example, Vitamin and proteins trigger the hormones for growth. Calcium is necessary for bone growth.

Be regular for exercise:

Some physical exercises are very helpful in increasing height as touching toes, playing sports (like tennis, cricket, football etc.), yoga, stretching your body etc. All these help to increase weight.